Child's eye

I always have some sort of camera with me, and I make sure to charge my batteries in my point and shoot the night before I visit Disneyland. Usually I like to get photos of my niece, but I also love the photographic opportunity that Disneyland presents. It's a beautiful, magical place (no matter your age) filled with people and things you don't see on a regular day. I was on the "steamboat" taking a ride on the River of the Americas, enjoying the beautiful October day (Hello, this is Southern California!) and I noticed this little girl right next to me just leaning on the railing and enjoying the view:

It's about the eye

I love the perfect profile of this little girl, and the contrast of her striped shirt to her smooth hair. The reflection of her shirt in the rail is something I noticed but didn't think came out until I started editing the photo. I created this as a B&W image in Lightroom 2 because the colors in the original were competing too much with her stripes. B&W also adds to the pensive mood I felt when creating this image. I couldn't help but wonder what was going on in this little girl's mind as we cruised down the river. I like that you can see a hint of her eye in this portrait, because for me, the photo just isn't worth taking if you cannot see an eye of your subject.

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