Close yet so far away

I live really close to the San Fernando Mission. I have even attended Mass there. However, getting there with my camera proves to be impossible. Some visitors from out of town prompted me to go there, and I don't think I have gone there since I dove into photography. I am ashamed to say this not only because it is a gorgeous place to photograph, but it is also an important part of California's history. Basically in my back yard.

Knowing that I would be visiting there, did I bring my SLR? Of course not! It was close to noon, so the lighting would be crap. I had only my iPhone and my mini-me (point and shoot).

Here are a few photos taken with and edited in my iPhone:


Mosaic 2

Above are a couple of mosaics from a series of along one of the walls of the Mission library. Both photos were edited with the iPhone Photogene app to do some minor color correction.

Fountain detail

This is a photo of the main fountain, which is a replica of the original. I edited this photo using the Best Camera app so that I could bring out the texture in the image.

I am making it a goal for 2011 to get back there for a photography outing. I look forward to posting the photos from that outing on my blog.

Thank you for sticking with me into the new year!