Giraffes Galore!

I must admit, I think why I love photography so much is because it gives me a chance to stalk seek out animals/nature.  I love animals, and will take pet portraits, but my love is the truly strange animals.  So when I found out that you could feed GIRAFFES at the Santa Barbara Zoo, I was all over that. Now, my main purpose of feeding the giraffes was to get close up enough to them so that I could get pictures of them with my wide angle lens, and make for some funny portraits.  I got those, and some close ups, but also really fun experience. I have always liked giraffes (see above: truly strange animals), but to feed the gentle giants that have siblings roaming a continent on the other side of the world is just mind-boggling.  Needless to say $4 for three (yes, 3) veggie biscuits (?) was well worth it.  Next time, I will have plenty of cash for the zoo employee who jiggles the treat bucket for the giraffes to come on over.

Here is my favorite photo, taken with my 10-22 lens:

Treat time