Inspiration strikes...

OK, this is something I just have to share. Sometimes when something catches my eye, it just catches my eye, no matter where I am.

It was going to be Saturday's photo of the day (Instead this was), but I love the story behind this photo, because it demonstrates Joe McNally's most recent blog post about how photographers are always seeing photos, "We Just Can't Help It..." .

So, I took this photo in the produce section of the grocery store (yup you read that right):

And then I hear, "Excuse me! Is there a problem?". I turned around, and at the other end of the produce section is a store employee, giving me a weird look.

Apparently, photographing the produce in a grocery store isn't allowed, and would only happen if there was some sort of issue with the veggies.

I didn't know this. The employee wanted to know why I was taking photos of brussel sprouts.

I showed her the image in the LCD, and proceeded to show the employee how beautiful the brussel sprouts looked with the water on them.

I don't think she saw the beauty quite the way I did. I don't think she believed me either. But I do think that she told the other employees about our encounter. And to keep an eye on me.

And yes, I know I'm a little nuts. I call it part of my charm.

Thank you Joe McNally for making me feel comfortable enough to share my story, and to know that it's OK, I'm not alone in the world.

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