iPhone camera fun

After months and months of having a broken camera phone (among other mobile phone issues that ended up with a replacement) I finally got my smart phone camera-less-ness taken care of. it is tough to be a photographer and without the ability to quickly whip out my device and make some images. I have used a few apps in the past to edit/enhance my smartphone pictures, and have found iPhoneography to be as much about convenience as it is a challenge to create interesting images.

I have recently found and started to have fun with creating triptychs from my iPhone photos. I use the apps Frametastic and PicFrame to create a triptych effect,  Typic+ to add words, and then post to Instagram:


Do you have any camera phone editing apps that you like to use for unique frames? What do you use to add words/designs for fun photos? Let me know in the comments section!