Love is in the store!

Ahhh February. Starting right after Christmas, images of red and pink hearts, cupids and chocolates inundate our senses (no matter how hard we try to avoid them).

For whatever it's worth, February is known for a day that celebrates love. I decided to celebrate Valentine's a little early by adding some images I have captured through my lens of love in the animal kingdom to my online store - namely penguins, seals and deer. These images are now available as prints, framed prints and on metal.

King Penguin Couple was taken in South Georgia Island. watching the King Penguins couple up was a treat - especially seeing how the males would whack each other with their flippers in their pursuit of a charming female penguin.

A Mother's Kiss is a moment caught in Big Sur, California. While walking along a trail, I spotted this mother and her fawn. While quietly watching them for a few moments, they shared this sweet moment.

Sealed with a Kiss is another image of motherly love. I could watch wildlife, and seals especially, for hours. Visiting a beach in La Jolla, California known for its Harbor seals, I was able to see this mother seal teach her days old pup to swim.