Meeting and greeting

Oh my gosh. I get that being an artist takes courage. Really, I do. You get out of your box to create art. And then that art that you created while out of the box that you think is kind of cool is put out for all of the world to see. Gulp!

In my case, I am currently exhibiting a photo in the City of Santa Clarita City Hall First Floor Gallery Exhibit.

Santa Clarita City Hall First Floor Exhibit This is the ultimate collision of my private life of photography and my work life of, well, making maps for a local government. People I work with on a daily basis walk by my image (whether they know it or not). It’s nerve racking to put my art out there for people I actually know, not some strangers that just see an image and a name. Double gulp! But it is rewarding when someone sees my name next to my piece and says, “I know her!”.

Last night was a reception for the exhibiting artists to meet and greet their flocks of admirers and mingle with each other. It was really nice for me as an employee and exhibiting artist to participate in the evening because I was able to chat with other artists and colleagues that I rarely get a chance to talk to. I hope to attend more events that exhibit my work, even though it stresses the nerves out a bit.

This month’s exhibit of clouds should have a a couple of more weeks to go, if you are in the area please take a moment to stop by and check out some cool art.

Thank you to the City of Santa Clarita Arts & Events office for creating a display of public art and having a really great reception!

And thank you for stopping by!