Photoshop World Recap

Photoshop World (PSW) is a complete bubble. I entered the world of Scott Kelby and NAPP starting on Tuesday for pre-cons, or officially at the kick-off Keynote on Wednesday, and I didn't leave that world until the closing ceremonies on Friday afternoon.  It's an overwhelming few days, and it takes a little bit to process the experience overall. I have had some time to process the week, and I think this was the best PSW that I have attended. It definitely had the most attendees, which means even more like-minded people to meet. Being able to connect in person with instructors like Matt Kloskowski, Scott, RC, Joe McNally and Moose  Peterson is such a great opportunity. Being in the same room with the amazing photographers and teachers is just energizing in and of itself.

Every Photoshop World, I realize how much more I need to learn in Photoshop. As a Photoshop World attendee this year, I received a one year Creative Cloud membership, so I will be putting the things I have learned to good use.

Because this was my fourth PSW, I wanted to check out some different types of classes in addition to the Photoshop and business track. This is how I discovered the amazing work of Aaron Blaise. Now, I am not an artist, but seeing his digital workflow was just inspiring.

Perhaps the best learning experience during the week was my Portfolio Review. This is a special event available to attendees for a small cost, and I only started taking advantage of this last year. I wish I had the guts to participate in this every year, because I have learned so much from each session. This year, my review was with Vincent Versace, an absolutely amazing photographer and artist. Sitting down with Vincent and going over my images completely made my day. He pointed out things in my pictures that I had overlooked and gave me life changing ideas about looking about my photography. All in 15-20 minutes. The guy is just amazing, and I am so thankful to have had (and utilized) this opportunity to sit down with him.

The Expo Hall is a pretty great experience, in that you can go chat with the vendors that you regularly use. I was on the fence about where to go with my Squarespace site, and now have a much better idea of what I will do, because I was able to chat with them in person. That is just one example of the many vendors that are there and willing to help their customers (or potential customers) in person.

I have noticed something quite amazing at the past few PSW's. I absolutely love the fact that there is such an age range. I mean, from the high school kids to the 65+ age range. I'm not in either of those age groups, however I was able to talk to anyone in any of those groups, because of our common passion. Last year during the closing ceremony, I was sitting next to a man that told me he was 85 years old...and we were discussing Lightroom and how we use it. We have over 50 years between us, but a similar workflow. That just blows me away. I saw him around the conference  this year, but did not get a chance to chat with him. I will make a point of it next year.

I think the variety of people and ages is really a testament to Scott Kelby's ability to bring people together through their involvement in NAPP, as well as your ability to bring understanding of the technology to people of all ages.

Overall, it was a fantastic PSW, and I was really happy to reconnect with old friends and make new friends. Kevin Stohlmeyer is one of my new friends, and was also blogging about the week here. Check it out for pictures that recap the week.

Thank you to Kelby Media Group for putting on an awesome conference, the staff who worked so hard to make sure every minute ran smoothly, and to all of the instructors for sharing their vast knowledge.

I look forward to PSW next year!