Project 365 Catch up: Day 17

Whew! It has been a little bit since I have blogged about my 365 project (Don't worry, I'm still on it!). So let me catch you up a bit with photo days 13-17. It has been suggested to me to add metadata (Since this IS a photoblog and all), so I am going to try my best and do that for you, starting today! Photo Day 13

Two things for Day 13: I forgot my trusty point at shoot at home (How could I?) And then went out to dinner and shot this little ditty with my iPhone:

Project 365 #13: Oil

A little noisy, but I liked how the light hit the glass with the oil in it.

Photo Day 14

Big news for me and my photographic journey:

Project 365 #14

Is now mine! It was the only photo that I took that day, because really, that was the only thing that mattered on day 14.

Photo Day 15

Took a trip down to Anaheim to visit the funny talking mouse. I started out at Disney's California Adventure, which has changed a lot since it first opened--my last visit there--and all for the better. One of the details that I enjoyed seeing was a Gaudi style mosaic bench. This photo is one of the details of that bench:

Project 365 # 15: Mosaic

I liked this particular detail because of the colors, and I'm a sucker for Shamu.

Taken with Canon Powershot SD780 (aka my trusty point and shoot). Camera on auto, 1/200 at f/3.2, ISO 200, 5.9mm.

Photo Day 16

I am a Pixar nut. Anything that comes from them, I am a huge fan before I even see it. And of course my foundation of love for them came from the movie Toy Story. These are my favorite little characters from that movie:

Project 365 #16: The Claw

I loved these little aliens in the movie, and when I saw the "Bucket o' little green men" I had ideas for my new camera and these little guys. I like this photo because it's funny (how can you look at these and not smile?), and I like putting a little twist into photos.

Taken with THE Canon 5D Mark 2, 1/200 at f/4, Tamron 90mm, ISO 800 (Notice the lack of noise?? Love it!!)

And here we are at...

Photo Day 17

It ain't so sunny today in Southern California and I must say, as much as I normally don't like the rain, I loved it today because I could play around with Mark the camera and get photos like this:

Project 365 #17: Puddles

I love reflections and water shots, so this was my first foray combining these two things with the high ISO.

Taken with Canon 5D Mark 2, 1/160, f/4.0, Canon EF 24-105mm at 105mm, ISO 6400 (Did I mention I love it!)

More rain this week, so I'm sure I'll get a few more rain shots up this week.

Thanks for sticking with me, and as always, thanks for stopping by!