Project 365 Days 4 & 5

Day 5 and I am still diligently taking photos specifically for my 365 project, editing them, and uploading them to my Flickr set. Yesterday (Day 4) I uploaded a photo via my iPhone.

I took this photo while  in "traffic" on the northbound Golden State Freeway. I couldn't help it, the moon looked so amazing in the morning light, and the clouds were just whimsical. I did some editing using the Photogene app on the iPhone, to bring up the exposure and saturation a tiny bit. I have a love of cloud photos, which I am sure will manifest itself during this 365 project. Check out the Flickr photo page for this one here.

Day 5

I got to work this morning (7:30ish), parked (crookedly, I'm sure) and this image just jumped out at me. I was drawn to the textures and highlight, and loved the angle of the tree juxtaposed against the straight bricks. Did some light editing in Lightroom 2, but wasn't totally excited how the edited JPG from my point and shoot came out.  To see this photo in all of its glory, you can go to its Flickr page.

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