Project 365 Week 4- (Days 26-30)

And here is Week 4 of my Project 365! One whole month, and I am still taking one photo per day, editing it, and then putting it up somewhere. So here is a catch up from this past week. I am posting all the photos, because there is something that I love about every one. Day 26- January 26, 2010

Sometimes I am inspired during the day, and sometimes during the evening. Well this inspiration hit as I was scoping out dessert:

Project 365 #26: Napoleon

Taken with Canon 5D Mark 2, 1/250 at f/4, ISO 3200, 90mm Tamron. No flash, just overhead lighting.

Rafael is a friend of my boyfriend, and happens to be a pastry chef with his own shop in the Burbank/Glendale area (I'll link to his site as soon as it's up and running). I'm setting up a photo shoot with him, so I'm sure you'll see more of his work in future posts.

This wonderful creation is a vanilla Napoleon, and it tasted even BETTER than it looks. Rafael is fantastic, as you can see his from creation for my birthday almost three years ago:

Birthday Cake Birthday Cake

Day 27- January 27, 2010

Tried a little bit of backlighting with my crystal bracelet that I made. I LOVE teal, and bought these beads a while ago. I finally put them together and was wearing them, and noticed the lighting from behind them and explored this just a bit:

Project 365 #27: Crystals

This is obviously something I need to practice with, but I thought this was a nice little exploration.

Taken with Canon 5D Mark 2, 1/500 at f/2.8, ISO 3200, Tamron 90mm lens (This is my FAVORITE lens, and I will be using it almost exclusively come springtime!). One Tungsten light to the far left of the camera, and one Tungsten light higher and behind the bracelet.

Day 28- January 28, 2010

And Thursday I borrowed a new toy from I won one week's rental from them on amazingly talented photographer Jim Goldstein's blog in November, and decided it was time to use it. So, I extended the rental a little bit longer, and paid for an extra two weeks. Anyway, it was my first day to play around with...the Canon 15mm fisheye!! Oh boy is this thing sa-weet!

Project 365 # 28: Fisheye

Hello, need I say more? And this was just messin' around the house with some banisters. I love the banister and stairs because it has a lot of straight lines that really show off the fisheye effect.

Taken with Canon 5D Mark 2, Canon 15mm fisheye, 1/200 at f/2.8 (Oh yeah, this baby is fast!), ISO 3200, no flash, just Tungsten lights overhead that you can see in the ceiling.

You have GOT to check out my Flickr page for more fisheye fun!

Photo 29- January 29, 2010

I am always looking for photos. I just don't see things like other people do. So when my crystal glass was sitting in front of me at the dinner table Friday, this lemon just looked beautiful:

Project 365 #29: Abstract lemon

I promptly took the glass into the kitchen, which had better lighting, and got a chair to stand on so that I could look down INTO the glass, positioning the lemon just so. I love the way the bubbles are trapped in the lemon fibers.

Taken with Canon 5D mark 2, Tamron 90mm, 1/400 at f/3.2 ISO 3200.

Day 30- January 30, 2010

Late afternoon, beautiful lighting creating shadows through an iron gate:

Project 365 # 30: Shadows

Taken with Canon 5D mark 2, Tamron 90mm, 1/1600 at f/3.5, ISO 1600. Only available light.

OK, so I am currently working on the photo for Day 31. It's VERY special, and will get a post all by itself!

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