Girl in the Mercado

Girl in the Mercado I took a cruise to Mexico earlier this year, and have been hanging onto this image. Doting over this image. Thinking about the pixels in the image and trying to help them out a little bit. So with the new year upon us, it is time to release this image.

This little girl was in a mercado in Mazatlan, Mexico. We visited the market upon suggestion of my photojournalist uncle, and I feel like this image is the reason I was there. Certainly not the animal carcasses that my chef boyfriend was so very excited seeing in the meat section. I took some other photos, but this little girl just grabbed me. I was walking by her area, and she saw my camera (I have to work on my stealth) and gave me this little smile as I walked by and got a click.

I will work on this photo more as time goes on. But this is my first step in the process of releasing my little girl into the world.

Canon 5D Mark II, Tamron 90mm lens. May 2010.

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