The Art of Photography Panel

One of the big highlights of Photoshop World day 2 is the Art of Photography panel. Hosted by the talented Jim DiVitale, the evening is full of the images and stories of some of the photo industry's best photographers. Jim started out the evening by showing his wonderful images and celebrating 40 (!) years in the photo industry!

Julieanne Kost showed us her first composites (you know that is embarrassing for anyone, let alone showing it to a packed room) to demonstrate that everyone has to start somewhere.

Julieanne ended her presentation with the following words of wisdom:

  • If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all
  • Praise in public and air any criticism in private
  • Never cast disparaging remarks on another person's art- don't let other people change what you have to say
  • Your capacity for greatness is immeasurable

Dave Black showed us some of his amazing sports images and told us the background stories behind them. Dave always pulls at the heart strings, and this year he showed us his images of figure skater Michelle Kwan. His relationship with her beginning from her age of 12 was a beautiful thing to see through his images.

Joe Glyda is a huge proponent of the self assignment, and showed us his panel self assignment of the Hoover Dam. He showed us a lot of dam great images!

Bill Fortney started his presentation off with his own personal wake up call that changed his life. Talk about pulling at the heart strings! he followed his story with his beautiful imagery and left all attendees with something to think about.

Joe McNally showed us his imagery over 40 years as a photographer (apparently 40 was the lucky number this evening). His images showed the retrospective of his work- and answered a question that he had post: is the life of a photographer worth it? Joe's images that evoke so many emotions are the definite answer of "Hell yes!".

Always the last presentation is that of Moose Peterson. His stunning images that show the grandeur of nature need no words - it is completely inspiring to sit back, listen to the beautiful music he pairs with his presentation and be amazed.


The Art of Photography panel

The Art of Photography panel