When the moment strikes

Boy am I happy that I a) had my iPhone camera with me and that b) I made this image when I did: Broken

Edited in the iPhone 3GS using Photogene and Best Camera apps. Ambient lighting only.

I walked by this image while running some errands one weekend. Something about it spoke to me, and for a split-second I thought, "Oh I'll grab it on the way back to my car." But then I dropped my shopping bag, took out my iPhone --This image screamed best Camera App-- and grabbed a shot or two.

On my way back to my car, the shopping center security guard had two teenage (or tweenage) skateboarders off to the side of the low wall the broken skateboard was sitting on, and my subject --gasp!-- on the ground.

This image reminds me to stop saying, "I'll get that later". There might not be a later, no matter the subject matter.

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