Why I always carry a dedicated camera

That's right. A dedicated camera. Not a smartphone with a camera. Not a camera smartphone. A camera that is only a camera. I know -- it's a foreign concept. But I always have my trusty point and shoot with me. It's small, fitting in every purse I have (and I have some tiny purses).  Since I can't always carry around my big DSLR, the point and shoot is always there.

The other morning when I found a hitchhiker on my windshield, I first tried to capture him with my smartphone camera. It just wasn't working at all. It wasn't focusing that close, wasn't getting the exposure right, nothing. I needed something with macro capability.

So I pulled out my trusty point and shoot to capture this little guy:




By the way, he stayed with me on the freeway until I got to my destination. He hunkered down as my car gained speed (at one point I thought he was gone as his little leg lifted), but was a total trooper and stuck it out. He looked a little bit discombobulated when the car stopped, but after a survey of his surroundings, he took off.

As the honey bee populations are declining, I'm happy that I was able to aid in transporting this bee to another part of the world.