Wildlife Learning Center Adult Zoology Week 3

Week 3 of the Adult Zoology class at the Wildlife Learning Center exhibited a variety of animals, and a lot of the class about adaptation was spent in the reptile room. We saw a lot of neat animals, but I am highlighting just a few here.

We started off by seeing how the Fennec fox, native to Africa, adapted to the harsh temperatures of the continent by having huge ears (to release heat) and small paws (a smaller surface area to take up heat as it travels).

Our class then got to see some tricks from Merlin the Macaw. This bird's personality was as colorful as his beautiful feathers -- evident as he showed us his tricks to get treats.

Then we headed into the reptile room. Admittedly, I was a bit apprehensive about this portion of the evening, but we met some pretty cool reptiles, like this Skink:

And I think one of the cutest little geckos I met was this Eyelash Gecko-- named so because the ridges above his eyes look like, you guessed it, eyelashes:

This adorable little red-Eyed Tree Frog was our amphibian of the evening.

The highlight of the evening was seeing this little guy...Can you guess what he is?

When he unrolled himself and peeked his little head out, we saw this:

He turned out to be a Three banded Armadillo!

I have never seen an armadillo in person, so meeting this guy was definitely a treat.

Thank you to the Wildlife learning Center for this awesome five week class! Check out my experience with the first two weeks of class here.

And thank you as always for stopping by!