Aerials (not the Disney Princess)

As I mentioned previously, I just love flying across the country. Unfortunately, my crappy wonderful little iPhone camera wasn’t able to capture exactly what I love about being airborne (and remember to take your Airborne before you get on a flight, seriously someone hacked up a lung on one of my flights). Oh yes I love seeing the way the landscape below changes. I also love the whole different perspective you get climbing 10,000 feet in the air. Climbing is the key, as well as descending, because this is when the plane gets a fantastic angle of the world below.

On my recent trip to Washington, D.C. I landed in the evening and was on the wrong side of the plane. Leaving D.C. I had great afternoon lighting and a great seat to get photos from:

Washington, D.C. aerial 2

Washington, D.C. aerial 1

Since I knew the lighting would be awesome, I made sure to have the Canon 5D Mark II with me instead of in the overhead bin. I had my trust 24-105 mm lens on for versatility.

The angle during descent is pretty awesome:

Washington DC-1

In between I love seeing the desert below me:

Washington DC Aerial-1

And I love to see the land begin to change:

Washington DC Aerial-3

Until it looks like nothing I’m used to seeing

Washington DC Aerial-4

I really need to fly across the middle of the country more to grab some more cool shots. I would love to be right at the point where the land changes from desert to lush vegetation (I think I may have been napping at that point).

Thanks as always for stopping by!