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Currently, I am checking out Zenfolio for my gallery needs. I have dappled in this site to host some galleries for my Fine ArtFine Art-Flora and Travel photography such as the image above. I'm interested in your thoughts on going to an outside site to see more of my work.

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Kristina goes to Washington (D.C.)

Traveling to the nation's capitol was a wonderful experience, and I can't wait to go back. Of course, I would need some days just to take photos, but here are some photos I was able to squeeze in: Jefferson Fisheye 2

Jefferson memorial fisheye

I used the Canon 15mm Fisheye in the Jefferson memorial. I knew beforehand that this would be the place to use it, as the memorial is round.

Washington monument reflection

This image is so iconic of Washington D.C. The reflection of the Washington Monument on the Potomac River with a gorgeous blue sky just called to me. I really don't think my tour guide liked me at all, but seriously, how could I just walk by this image?

Rotunda Fisheye

The Capitol was also a place I needed to use the Fisheye.

Rotunday detail

This detail of the Capitol Rotunda is just an image I love.


I loved this view of the Captiol, and the image just found me as I was walking by this view. A little bit of fall, and the white against that blue sky brings me back to that day.

I have two images that I'm keeping to myself for a little bit. They invoke a specific emotion, and I am trying to find the best way to coax that emotion out of the pixels.

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Aerials (not the Disney Princess)

As I mentioned previously, I just love flying across the country. Unfortunately, my crappy wonderful little iPhone camera wasn’t able to capture exactly what I love about being airborne (and remember to take your Airborne before you get on a flight, seriously someone hacked up a lung on one of my flights). Oh yes I love seeing the way the landscape below changes. I also love the whole different perspective you get climbing 10,000 feet in the air. Climbing is the key, as well as descending, because this is when the plane gets a fantastic angle of the world below.

On my recent trip to Washington, D.C. I landed in the evening and was on the wrong side of the plane. Leaving D.C. I had great afternoon lighting and a great seat to get photos from:

Washington, D.C. aerial 2

Washington, D.C. aerial 1

Since I knew the lighting would be awesome, I made sure to have the Canon 5D Mark II with me instead of in the overhead bin. I had my trust 24-105 mm lens on for versatility.

The angle during descent is pretty awesome:

Washington DC-1

In between I love seeing the desert below me:

Washington DC Aerial-1

And I love to see the land begin to change:

Washington DC Aerial-3

Until it looks like nothing I’m used to seeing

Washington DC Aerial-4

I really need to fly across the middle of the country more to grab some more cool shots. I would love to be right at the point where the land changes from desert to lush vegetation (I think I may have been napping at that point).

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Up where the air is light

On a work trip to the East Coast and flew to Washington, D.C. To see the sights since I have never been there. It seems that I got here before my luggage did.

I love sitting right next to the window because as a geographer, I can see the changing patterns of the land below me. As a photographer, I can document the ways the physical geography changes.

I made and edited this image in my iPhone somewhere over Missouri (I think).

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