Project 365 Day 8

On another lunchtime stroll --75 degrees at noon in early January, yes please!-- I noticed this little plant growing in between the bricks. Project 365 #8: A little sun

You can click on the photo to visit the Flickr page for all of the sizes.
I loved the shadows and the contrast of the green against the flagstone bricks. Of course it was high noon, so the lighting was not ideal. Thus, I had to do a little involved editing in Lightroom 2 (I just LOVE the adjustment brush!), but I'm happy with the final image. It's a little plant that loves living in Southern California.
I am also very excited that I have stuck to my plan to post my photos on my has been a week, and I'm having fun sharing my photo stories with you. Much better than my images living on a memory card/hard drive doing nothin'.

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